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 Wyochem Federal Credit Union is one of the few remaining credit unions that has a closed field of membership. This means not just anyone can join, it is like an exclusive club. Below is a list of employers that have signed up to join our field of membership. If you or a family member work for any of the companies listed, you may qualify for membership. Anyone under the age of 18 years old is eligible for membership. If you have a family member under the age of 18 years old you can open an account for them and then one for yourself. Call today for more information. 

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Strong and Secure

 With 38 years of service to our members, we are experienced providers of financial products and services. We understand that you have worked hard for your money and deserve the best financial services available. Your savings are secure at Wyochem Federal Credit Union because your total or aggregate savings are insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration, an agency of the Federal Government. Over 38 years ago, Wyochem was founded by what was then “Allied Chemical” (now “Tata Chemical Soda Ash Partner”). As a result of their initiative, any current and future employee and family members are eligible for membership. 

You can Join Today

 It is easy to become a member. Just drop by any office and fill out a membership application and with an opening deposit of $26 you’re good to go. Your membership is good for a lifetime, regardless of changes in employment. Most people related to you are also eligible for Wyochem Federal Credit Union membership. Once you have joined, let your family members know all the benefits they can receive as a Wyochem Federal Credit Union member. 

Eligible Employers

List of Eligible Employers (pdf)


Recreation Center



 Wyochem Federal Credit Union in agreement with the Green River Family Recreational Facility can provide to you, as a member, the following discounted or convenient use of the recreational facility. 

How to Sign Up

 Simply drop by either credit union office and ask to sign up for the Rec. Center Program. The office will instruct you on how to go about getting your identification cards from the Recreational Facility. 

How are Charges Deducted?

 Recreational Charges will be deducted from your Share Account each month according to your use of the facilities. These charges will appear on your Quarterly Statement. It is the member’s responsibility to keep sufficient funds in their account to cover these charges. NO Individual bills will be mailed.