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If you think you have been a victim of identity or credit fraud, please use the contact information below and be sure to contact your local branch. Also check our News & Events page regularly, as we will update that with scams and potential fraudulent activity.


    • Experian Fraud Division
      • 1­-888­-397­-3742


    • Equifax Fraud Division
      • 1­-800­-525-­6285


    • TransUnion Fraud Division
      • 1­-800-­680-­7289


    • Driver’s License Number Fraud –­­ please notify your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles


    • Social Security number used to commit identity theft –­­ Notify the Federal Trade Commission
      • 1­877 ID THEFT or 1­-877-­438-­4338


    • Passport used in identity theft ­­– Contact the U.S. State Department’s, Passport Services Department


    • Mail Fraud­­ — Visit the U.S. Postal Service® Website, Government Services